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Co Media is a digital agency offering digital services to small, medium and large sized e-commerce and service based businesses to maximise their online footprint. We offer Facebook Ads, Google Ads, SEO, Websites and Landing Pages that help propel businesses towards success.

As experienced digital marketing consultants, Co Media provides results-based strategies on how to effectively reach your target audience, and nurture invaluable business relationships. We understand exactly what is needed to create a marketing strategy that downright diminishes your competition. Reaching your audience via digital is crucial to your business, we, therefore, work hand-in-hand with you to ensure that your brand reaches the right audience online. We achieve this using data-driven digital marketing tactics.

Determined by a dream to help companies grow, Lucas Cook, Founder and Head of Growth at Co Media, has moulded the team to who we are today, consumer-minded. Through hard work, our multi-disciplinary team have perfected the Customer Finder System. A results based system that is proven and repeatedly earns the trust of our clients and helps nurture their business. Through trial and error; we have established proprietary digital marketing methods that allow us to propel businesses into overdrive.


To grow your brand’s visibility, customer base and connect your business with your target audience, giving them a reason to become paying customers.


To see our clients get ahead of their competitors and maximise their online footprint.