Who holds the keys to your brand?

You or Your Customer?


You might be the legal owner of a registered name and trademark, but there’s no doubt as to who controls your brand’s image and worth. Your customers do.

It’s ultimately only their perspectives that matter. If they believe that your brand is attractive and your products superior, you’re in business. Should they believe that there are better options, you’re out. Then it won’t help if your products actually are superior.

Harvesting huge amounts of user data through their own activities and buying yet more from third parties, Google and Facebook have enough pieces of the puzzle to create a very clear picture of who your best prospect customer is; how they will find you (Google); how you will find them (Facebook); and what makes them tick.

Perception is reality.

Google and Facebook will share much of this data with you. But there’s a catch: they won’t share everything that they’ve got, and they won’t put the puzzle together for you. To keep improving their products, both Google and Facebook rely on healthy competition between advertisers. And they will use both carrot and stick to fuel this competition.

If you do a great job with the data you’ve got, you’ll be rewarded with a better SEO score and cheaper advertising rates on Google as well as Facebook (not to mention the fact that you’ll enjoy great ad conversions). Those who do a not-so-good job will find themselves on the back page of search results, pay premium advertising rates and see little to no return on their ad spend.

This is why customer profiling is fundamental to everything that you do online.

We analyse customer data

At Co Media, we’ll analyse as much customer data as we can get our hands on. Everything from phone numbers, email lists and order histories to surveys, heat maps and Wi-Fi analytics. Then we’ll cross-reference with the wealth of data supplied by Google and Facebook. And we’re never just looking for an audience. We’re looking for their thoughts.

Contact us today, and we’ll show you who is hiding behind all that customer data. This is a game changer. Because if there is one fundamental truth to all successful marketing, it is this.

People love to be seen.