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7 Steps For Wildly Profitable Google PPC Success

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Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising has a lot going for it. Fast-forwarding you to page one on Google, it can be the difference between not being found at all and becoming a preferred supplier. It’s very easy to A/B test. It affords complete control of your spend. And, provided that it’s well executed, it can literally mean putting in a dollar and receiving five in return.

But there is a “but”: traffic does not equate sales, and return on investment does not necessarily equate brand building and future customer loyalty. The only guarantee is that Google will charge you every time someone clicks your ad, and you could easily find that what you get in return isn’t really what you had in mind.

The key to success is solid strategy. You need to appreciate that PPC often is your first touch point with a new prospect customer. What such a prospect sees represents 100% of their experience of your brand – they will judge you on the merits of your ad and your landing page. Their thinking is very binary at this point. If the impression is positive, they will consider your offer, contact you or make an outright purchase decision on the spot. But if you fail to impress, they might well file you away as a “no-go zone”, ignoring your message as well as any future ads of yours.

This also has a direct bearing on how much you pay per click. If you answer the audience’s search intent, Google will reward you with a higher quality score (QS) and lower PPC prices. So, the better your ad and landing page, and the higher the conversion rate, the less you pay. And the converse also holds true, of course; the worse you do, the more you pay.

In short: PPC is a powerful tool to be handled with care.

At Co Media, we approach PPC with the same attention to detail that we devote to building brands and websites. We always strive to make Google look good, and we aim beyond mere transactional conversions. Our objective is to build brand loyalty as well as immediate sales. This is how you become impervious to the inevitable price hikes as more and more businesses realise the potential of PPC and other digital marketing.

Contact us today, and we will give you the understanding needed to take ownership of PPC. It can’t be done soon enough. Competition is mounting.

It’s a race against time.