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While organic SEO is the answer, it simply doesn’t happen quickly enough. What about generating sales immediately, instead of waiting 3-6 months for SEO to kick in?

If you are not on the first page of Google right now, you are leaving a jaw-dropping amount of money on the table. Google AdWords can put your products or services on the first page of Google instantly, in front of prospects in hunt-mode, ready, able, and willing to buy.

This will help you fast-track your way to success by instantly increasing traffic, leads, and sales. But before you get started and reap the benefits, you need to craft a strategy.

Optimise Your Website For Conversion

Conversions not traffic

Acquiring traffic doesn’t matter if it doesn’t convert. We optimise your website by concreting your intentions from the get go.

Remember, good marketing makes the company look smart, but great marketing makes the customer feel smart. We apply this subtle distinction to your landing pages to increase your conversion rates. When we first create your landing page, we think about how you can increase the user’s experience. We want to make them feel positive, smart, and excited.

By reverse-engineering your customer’s goals and the problems that they face, we will create an optimised landing page that converts all Google PPC traffic.

“Co Media were prompt to implement our paid ads and explode our monthly sales within 30 days, even during COVID-19!”

Carol Millar, Castle Glen Australia


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