Sparking relationships

by doing the common thing uncommonly well

Social campaigns, SEO, PPC and GDN ads give you an attractive street address online. But will your visitors convert into customers?

Website visitors who form an emotional attachment to the content are eight times more likely to make a purchase. So how do you create that emotional response?

There are two things that all people always are looking to do – they want to connect with others and make sense of the world. This is hardwired into the human psyche, because our very survival hinges on our staying together and being smarter than other species.

Whether you’re in e-commerce or services, your website should meet both of these needs. Do it right, and visitors can’t help but feel grateful to you – and that’s a great starting point for sales.

Showing that you see the visitor is your first gift to them.

You’re connecting with them.


Visitors’ unique mindset

Your number one priority is to reflect the visitors’ unique mindset. You base everything you say on their perspective. Many business owners struggle with this – it’s simply hard to take an outsider’s view when you’re on the inside. That’s why even PR agencies hire external copywriters to create their own website content.


Show different perspective

Your second gift is to show them a different perspective on something that’s important to them. Providing new and relevant information about a particular problem or solution is one way to do it. But you can also present what they already know in a new and more powerful light.

You’re helping them make sense of the world.