Almost all business owners know that digital marketing is the way of the present and the future. Sure, things like newspaper ads and fliers can still be effective. However, consumer habits point to the necessity of having a thriving online presence. 

How much do you know about digital marketing? Do you know why it’s imperative for your business? Do you know which methods pay off?

If you’re in the dark, we’re here to shed some light on the basics of digital marketing. Keep reading for eight important facts about digital marketing you should know to generate more leads and make more sales.

1. SEO is Vital for Online Visibility

The importance of digital marketing cannot be understated. The more effective you are at improving your online presence, the more online consumers will come to know and recognize your brand. The key to establishing an online presence is mastering search engine optimization.

SEO is the coding used by search engines like Google and Yahoo to find the most relevant content online based on keyword searches. The SEO coding in your website will determine how visible your website is to these search engines.

The higher your SEO ranking, the faster your website will come up in the search results pages. This is important because the first few websites in the SERPs get the vast majority of clicks.

2. The Keywords You Choose Matter

Next, let’s talk about the keywords you’re using. One of the most important facts about digital marketing is that not all keywords are created equally. The keywords you use must be specific to your niche and location, not just your industry.

Using the right keywords ensures quality traffic is coming to your website. For example, if you are a local business, you need to use localized keywords to direct consumers in your area to your site. If you offer local services, it doesn’t pay to have thousands of website visitors from halfway around the world.

Research effective keywords in your niche and industry. It’s okay to use basic keywords, but they often get lost in the sauce with all of your competitors’ websites. We recommend consulting with an SEO agency to help you design the most effective SEO strategy.

3. Mobile Device Optimization is a Must

Studies show that 9 out of 10 Australians now have smartphones. This figure doesn’t include other mobile devices like tablets and iPods. Consumers use these devices more often than not when shopping online, getting on social media, checking emails, and more. 

Therefore, it’s imperative that your website and the emails you send out are optimized for mobile devices. Otherwise, users will have a difficult time navigating your website and reading your emails. 

4. You Can Find the Majority of Online Shoppers on Social Media

Most Australians use at least one social media platform every day. This ranges from the basics like Facebook and Youtube to Instagram, Pinterest, and Tik Tok. 

As such, there’s no better arena to publish various forms of content to increase brand awareness. You can post videos, articles from your blog, images, and more. Use social media to engage with consumers and promote your products and services. 

5. Social Media Marketing is a Powerful Tool for Generating Leads

One of the most undeniable facts about digital marketing is that paid social media ads are incredibly valuable. You can use Facebook ads, for example, to reach specific demographics of people outside of your followers. You can choose who sees your ads based on things like age, gender, location, and more. 

Just as importantly, Facebook ads monitor user engagement. You can see how many people engaged with your ad based on link clicks, likes, shares, comments, and follows. This is ideal for learning more about your target audience and perfecting your message.

6. The Average Consumer is Well-Informed

It’s important to understand that most consumers do a fair amount of research before investing in a product or service. In fact, almost 90% of consumers research products online. 

We want to know we’re buying quality products from credible companies. Use this consumer trend to your advantage by:

  • Creating valuable and informative articles for your website and social media pages
  • Publishing customer reviews and testimonials
  • Ensuring your SEO is driving curious consumers to your website

The more a consumer trusts your brand, the more likely they are to invest in your products or services. 

7. Registering Your Business with Google My Business is a Good Idea

Google has an 86.86 percent market share compared to other search engines. This means the majority of online users are using Google over any other search engine site (like Bing or Yahoo). 

It’s more than a good idea to register your company on Google My Business, because:

  • It’s free
  • It helps consumers find your company on any device
  • It makes your business show up on Google Maps (GPS)
  • It boosts your online visibility

Registering your business on Google My Business only takes about 10 minutes, and it’s incredibly valuable to your online presence.

8. Paid Marketing can Boost Your Influence

Finally, let’s talk about the relevancy of paid advertising. As a business owner, you probably like to do things your own way.

Primarily, it’s because you are competent and confident in your abilities. You probably also like saving money. When it comes to facts about digital marketing, however, one can’t deny the efficacy of paid ads.

They help you get in front of new audiences and expand brand awareness. Sure, you can do these things organically, but it will take much, much longer. 

For example, for every dollar spent on Google Ads, a business owner can expect to make at least two dollars back, essentially doubling their investment

You can also look into pay per click marketing. This is where you pay for another website to host your ad. You pay the website for each click your ad receives. 

There are countless paid marketing programs for digital marketing. We recommend using a professional service to help you with website development and performance, SEO, social media, email campaigns, and any other area you might be struggling with. 

Looking for More Facts About Digital Marketing?

Digital marketing can be tough, we get it. Even if you knew all the facts about digital marketing, it wouldn’t make you an expert in the field. An effective digital marketing strategy comes from knowing your audience, knowing the trends, and having the right tools for the job.

If you need help boosting your brand awareness, we’re here for you. Let’s start by getting to know one another.

Contact us today to get a free strategy session. We’ll take a look at your digital marketing and help you define a more effective approach.