Since they say that first impression lasts, you might want to keep your business website design at its full strength to impress your visitors. It’s the first thing they will experience and engage with. It may also be their deciding factor if they will continue navigating your website or exit your page.

So, in order to keep your website design at its full strength to attract visitors, you need to learn the best practices in designing your website. Having text and an image is not enough; you need to optimise your website design so that people will be more interested in what your business offers. Keep in mind that a quality website design will be associated with your service quality.

Having said that, here’s a guide on how you can optimise your business website design:

1. Avoid Using Massive Text Blocks

Your visitors will not appreciate it if you put massive text blocks in front of them. It’s an eyesore, and your visitors will probably cancel exploring your website. While you have to tell them about your brand and products in detail, as much as possible, describe them using just a few words. Keep it short and straightforward so that you can keep text to a minimum. 

2. Utilise Visual Content to Engage Visitors

Since videos are becoming so popular today, try to include one in your website design. It can also be your way to avoid using massive text blocks on your website design. You can use other forms of visual content to tell your visitors about the products and services you offer. They’ll be more engaged through this, and they’ll be more likely to visit another page from your website. 

3. Try to Use Short Sentences

Don’t overwhelm your website visitors with too much information. If they are bombarded with information they neither asked for nor want, they will likely cancel on your site. As much as possible, use short sentences with direct to the point details so that they can comprehend your message instantly. 

Also, take website copywriting seriously. Visitors will appreciate it more if you only use short sentences that are easy to read and understand. But, make sure it’s still snappy and informative. You can still use long sentences but make sure to mix them with short ones to improve readability. 

4. Align Your Website’s Colour Scheme to Your Branding Strategy

Consistency is the key to making people recognise your brand easily. If you design a website, make sure it’s aligned with your overall branding strategy. You must know that customers trust brands that employ consistent branding. That said, you have to choose your colour scheme wisely and make sure it’s consistent across all your platforms and collaterals. 

5. Put an Obvious CTA

Your website design should have an obvious Call To Action (CTA). Not only that, your CTA should be powerful and convincing for your visitors. Having a CTA will help visitors know precisely the next steps to take once they decide they’re interested in your products or services. 


Optimising your website design is one of the effective ways to market your business. Remember, users tend to associate website design with the company’s quality of service. So, if you want to have a good image and impression, provide your visitors with a user-friendly, high-quality website with excellent design. 

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