We made it to 2022, and the world has transformed into a vastly different place in just a year. Along with the many shifts experienced by the globe, digital marketing has seen massive changes. The resources and habits displayed by businesses and consumers alike will dictate interesting trends we can expect to see throughout the year.

If you know what to expect, you can stay ahead of the curve and maximise your online marketing efforts.

PPC Efforts Will Be More Reliable

Effective Google ads can increase brand awareness by 80%. As more people are doing their shopping online, they will be more susceptible to pay-per-click (PPC) efforts and actually be more likely to click through. This is a promising shift considering how PPC campaigns have been notoriously challenging for many digital marketers.

PPC marketing remains a powerful way to obtain high-quality leads because it lets businesses focus on what works. Plus, the evolution of the algorithm will make this marketing tactic more reliable than ever before. Ads are more likely to be fine-tuned toward users they are actually relevant to based on interests, search history, and buying habits.

Mobile Optimisation Will Rise

About 70% of digital traffic comes from consumers using mobile devices. As more people use the Internet from their mobile phones, businesses will need to optimise their sites for these smaller devices. Because of this shift, agencies, businesses, and advertisers will be putting more focus on catering to these.

For starters, mobile SEO will see marketing efforts being tailored to mobile viewing. In the past, mobile-optimised sites could cost upwards of $15,000 to create. Thanks to the evolution of technology, these websites can be built for just $50. By creating a mobile version of their site, businesses can better target potential customers and prevent them from turning to the competition.

Brands Will Hinge Even More on Live Streaming

Visual media remains one of the most compelling ways to capture audiences. Among the many ways to spread video content, live streaming stands out. Live streaming is a megatrend that started to have a significant impact on the digital marketing space in 2018. You can bet that it will continue to gain momentum throughout the coming year.

Businesses who plan on participating in live streaming should start strategising on how to create an engaging, fun experience for their viewers. Different social media platforms have even started to try to outdo each other when it comes to creating the best tool for live streaming. Livestreaming will be one of the main ways that brands can create rich online experiences that engage their target demographics.

SEO Practices Will Have to Be More Localised

The algorithm will continue to adjust to being more precise in what it considers to be relevant in search results. Subsequently, Local SEO will continue to grow in importance, and businesses can expect that Google will concentrate on improving how it prioritises local enterprises.

Search engines will focus on the geographic location of a business, the language and the device. So, it will be important for businesses to create a strategy that builds local loyalty and develops a community in your area. 


These are some of the top trends we can expect to see during the year 2022. As we look ahead, digital marketing will continue to transform. A better understanding of the shifts that are happening will help businesses manage the disruption and continue to thrive.

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