There’s no denying the impact that the COVID-19 crisis has caused worldwide, especially in the commercial industries. In 2020, many businesses took a temporary hiatus while a few others were forced to shut down. The good thing is that this year, many companies have started to reopen and have gradually gotten back on track. However, they now must adapt their digital marketing campaigns since the COVID-19 crisis hasn’t subsided or come to an end yet. 

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In this article, we will share four digital marketing tips that your business must implement amid the new normal: 

1. Focus on value 

The global crisis has led many consumers worldwide to become all the more critical about their purchasing decisions. They don’t just patronise a business and hire tier services at a snap of a finger. Instead, they are more focused on saving up and being financially stable. If you want your business to make sense in the new normal, it has to create value for your customers. As such, you have to focus on how you can cater to your valued customers’ needs and wants amid a global pandemic. By providing value, your business will continue to exist and thrive in the long run! 

2. Be relevant 

No matter what industry you’re in, you must always stay relevant to the current situation. As a business, you must adapt to the COVID-19 crisis and offer something relevant to your customers. For instance, if you’re in the plumbing industry, be sure to follow safety protocols when doing maintenance or repair work. On the other hand, if you’re in the retail sector, you may want to offer products with freebies, such as sanitisers or face masks.  

3. Boost customer engagement 

Now is the best time to engage with both your prospective and existing customers. Due to restricted movements, most people are confined in the comforts of their homes and they are not hooked online to keep themselves entertained. You must take advantage of this opportunity by interacting and building meaningful relationships with your customers. One way to do so is to be active on social media by consistently posting valuable and relevant content, responding to customers’ queries, and engaging with them. 

4. Come up with your buyer’s persona 

Given the global pandemic state, it is all the more necessary for you to conduct research and perform due diligence if you want to target your market. You must know and understand their needs and wants in times of a global crisis. You also should delve deeper into their goals, motivations, demotivation, and current situations. By doing so, you’ll be able to come up with your buyer’s persona, target the right audience, and cater to their needs! 


At this point, you now know what to do with your digital marketing campaigns amid the new normal. All it takes is to focus on value, be relevant, boost customer engagement, and come up with your buyer’s persona. Despite the challenges and restrictions due to the crisis, your business can still have what it takes to thrive and succeed by adapting to the new normal! 

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