The social media giant, Facebook, announced that there were 10 million active advertisers on the platform that market their products and services in 2020, a massive jump from the previous year.

More complexity may result in more Facebook ad errors, lowering campaign effectiveness. This leads marketers to believe that Facebook advertising isn’t worth their time or isn’t appropriate for their business—which shouldn’t be the case.

Learn how to prevent the most common Facebook ad mistakes with this article. Watch out as these mistakes might make you appear unprofessional, cause inefficiencies, or stifle your progress.

What Are the 4 Common Mistakes in Facebook Ads?

1. Misalignment of Audience Targeting

Facebook advertising services can help you reach a total audience of 2.14 billion users, so having a mismatch in your audience targeting is a massive waste of time and resources. When there’s a misalignment, all of your hard work goes to nothing since the audience isn’t interested in what you have to provide.

Make sure to warm up your audience with engaging material such as blog articles and infographics, then target them with your product via a free trial or demo. Finally, retarget visitors who indicated interest, possibly with a limited-time offer to create urgency. This sequence matches your product-based adverts to the correct audience, increasing conversions.

2. Lack of Value Proposition

Another prevalent mistake, especially among marketing beginners, is failing to emphasise your campaign’s value proposition. Your value proposition is vital as it describes why someone should choose you instead of your competitors.  

To create a more precise value proposition, consider the following:

  • Clearly state the distinct advantages or outcomes that the user will obtain by visiting your landing page.
  • Use attractive visuals that are related to your product.
  • Write concise, easy-to-understand copy.

To figure out the best approach in communicating your value proposition to your audience, split test your ad type, images, and copy.

3. Undefined Objectives 

For an ad campaign to be effective, it must have a clear, quantifiable goal. Make sure that your advertising objective considers the following questions: 

  • Would you like to increase the number of visitors to your page?
  • How do you plan to use a lead magnet landing page to generate more leads?
  • Would you run a one-time campaign to boost sales of a specific product?

You get your money’s worth at the end of the campaign if you have a defined goal and an action plan. If you need to jumpstart your ad game, you can also opt for professional Facebook ad services in Australia instead. 

4. Incorrect Facebook Ad Types 

Facebook’s extensive ad options might confuse beginners, leading them to the incorrect ad type selection. Facebook offers a variety of advertising options, including:

  • Videos
  • Photos (with size options)
  • Slideshows
  • Canvas
  • Carousel (multiple images or videos in one ad)
  • Collections (a single ad to showcase multiple products)

Next, choose your ad placement and positioning and the type of ad based on your objectives. These include the following: 

  • Lead Ads – Use a pre-populated form to acquire audience information.
  • Link Ads – Add a call to action (CTA) that links back to your website, such as Sign Up, Download, Learn More, Shop Now, and so on.
  • Dynamic Ads – Utilise a template that automatically customises the ad based on the items your audience viewed.

If you have a limited budget, desktop advertising isn’t the best option because it may be costly, reducing your return on ad spend (ROAS). Mobile advertising has a lower conversion rate, but they are economical for promoting top-of-funnel content.

To sum up, each ad type has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. Choose the best for you.


Learning which mistakes to watch out for can help you get your Facebook Ads up and running. Plan out your approach before you spend money on it—or better yet, seek expert help from a well-regarded advertising agency.

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