Do you feel like you have been doing everything you need to do for your Facebook ad, but it’s not delivering the results you have hoped for? You might wonder why this is the case because you know that Facebook advertising is among the most effective ways to boost brand awareness online. However, it’s not a fool-proof process. 

If your efforts are not resulting in significant impressions, it may be because of one of these reasons discussed in this post by your trusted Facebook advertising agency:

Facebook Disapproved Your Ads

Because Facebook is privately owned, they have their own rules and regulations for what are and are not allowed in ads. If Facebook doesn’t approve the ad that you’ve come up with, you’ll get an email notification of the disapproval with an explanation. This announcement can also be found in the ad manager. 

Facebook typically disapproves ads if they:

  • Your ad features tobacco products, illicit drugs, or even legal pharmaceuticals
  • It promotes untested and unsafe supplements
  • It sells guns, ammunition, explosives, or other weapons
  • It shows violent or sexually suggestive content
  • The ad promotes or promises to forge official documents
  • It features surveillance equipment like phone trackers, spy cams, or programs for the same purpose
  • It uses exaggerated results of a weight loss product
  • It’s health on wellness ad targeted towards minors below 18
  • It promotes fraudulent get-rich-quick schemes or something similar

If your ad has any of these, you can either resubmit it to the compliance team to review or edit your ad.

You’ve Reached Your Spending Limit

Once you have reached your spending limit, Facebook will stop showing your ads. Every single ad account on Facebook has its spending limit that you can set. This prevents your campaign from going over budget. It’s not unusual for marketers to place a spending limit and forget about it when they run the ads. You need to check on your spending limit regularly to keep track of how much you have already spent and whether you have already exceeded your limit or not. 

You Did Not Meet the 20% Text Rule

Facebook sets a lot of rules, and that includes an image to text ratio of 20%. That means your ads cannot go over that set ratio. This includes watermarks, logos, and slogans. Other texts on the image are also included. That means even if your image meets the requirements set by Facebook, you still need to have just the right amount of text for your ads to be displayed. 

Your Ads Aren’t Relevant to Your Audience

Facebook gives a relevance score to advertisers. It’s the company’s way of gauging how interesting your ads are to your target audience and how they are engaging with what you are posting. As you can guess, likes, shares, and comments are positive engagement, while reports or hides are negative interactions. 

The Facebook Relevance Score is found in the Ads Manager when you choose your campaign. You can edit the columns until the Relevance Score shows. There you will discover whether or not your ad is getting positive or negative attention and how much engagement you’re getting. 


These are some of the reasons you are not getting the results you want from your Facebook Ads. The good news is you can do something about these things and get the most out of your Facebook ads. To ensure that you’re nailing your paid ad strategy on social media, consider getting Facebook advertising services from a team of reliable experts.

Co Media can provide you with Facebook ad services in Australia that deliver the outcome you want and need for your business. Contact our team today, and we’ll discuss how we can help you!