Are you getting the best results from your Facebook ads? If not, you might be doing it wrong.

Read this article for 7 common Facebook fails you want to avoid when creating Facebook advertising for small businesses.

1. You End Your Campaigns to Soon

Ending your Facebook ad campaign to soon can be a costly mistake. Facebook advertising isn’t going to give you instant results. It takes time to properly optimize your campaign. 

We know it seems scary when you’re not getting results after a few hours or days but don’t pull the plug just yet. Allow your campaign time to mature. 

You can always turn a Facebook ad campaign off but instead, you should wait. Give Facebook time to build the data and soon your impressions will soar. 

If they don’t, simple tweaks can be made to the campaign. You can change the ad content, the audience, or even increase your budget. Play around with it until you find the sweet spot for your Facebook ad. 

2. You’re Focused on the Wrong Metrics

Everyone likes to see their followers grow. But when users follow or like your Facebook ad don’t celebrate too much. Likes and Follows are not good measurements for a successful Facebook ad campaign.

In today’s world, anyone can buy likes and followers. Don’t get us wrong, there is room for likes and follows in the equation but it’s not the full enchilada. 

Businesses that place Facebook business ads should look at metrics that will help increase their revenue. Here are a few metrics you should pay more attention to:

  • Repeat Pageviews
  • Visitor Recency
  • Number of Blog/Article comments
  • Content Shares
  • Conversion Rates

Set up a Facebook Pixel on your website to track conversions. This will help you monitor how your campaign is performing. With the help of a Pixel, Facebook can create a lookalike audience that will help you improve your ad targeting. 

3. You’re Using the Boost Post Button

Trust us, we know it looks tempting. The Boost Post button is sitting right under your post telling you about how many thousands of people are going to see your content if you simply click that button. 

Resist the urge! When you click the Boost Post button, Facebook creates a basic ad campaign for the post. It is optimized for post engagements: comments, reactions, and shares. Most people click the button and forget about it. 

If you set up an ad campaign Facebook advertising services offer far better-targeting options. You have limited yourself to one audience with a Boosted Post. 

Instead, create a precise target for each ad and then you can see which audience is performing the best for your business and target them again in the future. This is a much wiser way to spend your advertising budget. 

4. You’re Not Using a Pixel

We briefly touched on Pixels before but it is worth going over them in greater detail. A Facebook Pixel is a piece of code that tracks and analyses the actions of your website visitors. A Pixel helps you get the most from your advertising and learn more about your website visitors. 

Your Pixel will become more valuable the longer it collects data about your visitors. With a Facebook Pixel, you can create custom audiences from the data about your website visitors and show your Facebook ads to the audience that is more likely to take action. 

It can help you measure your cross-device conversions and learn more details about your web visitors. If you have access to your website’s code you can install a Facebook Pixel yourself, or get someone in your IT department to do it for you.

If you don’t have an IT department you can always hire a freelancer for this specific job. 

5. You’re Using the Wong Campaign Objective

I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this one. Props to you for having the gusto to start using Facebook marketing for small business, but your campaign may need a little tweaking. 

The campaign objective is simply put is what you would like to achieve from the ad campaign. You select your campaign objective at the beginning of the ad building process and if you choose the wrong one your whole campaign is DOA. 

There are currently 11 different campaign objectives and each of them have different aims and target different groups. Read the objectives and understand them before you make your selection or your ads will not get off the ground. 

6. Your Targeting Is All Wrong

Another common Facebook business advertising mistake is that your targeting is all mixed up. Your target audience should not be defined by every person who may purchase your product or service.

Instead, target a more narrow group of people who highly desire those products. 

For example, if you run a women’s clothing store yes a man may come in and buy clothing every once in a while but he isn’t your main audience. Don’t allow your audiences to become too broad to the point where you are targeting everyone and their mother. 

AI in marketing is great but human intelligence is an important factor. Real-world experience goes a long way! One tool that the pros use is the Facebook Audience Insights feature.

This will help you learn more about your target audience and help you find the exact people to target for your next Facebook ad campaign.

7. You’re Creating Too Many Facebook Ads

Online advertising for small businesses is a Godsend. Can you really have too much of a good thing? 

Too many Facebook ads will lead to confusion, high costs, and poor results. If your Facebook ad campaigns have gone off the deep end, get them back on track with these easy steps:

  • Consolidate your audiences into an ad set with a bigger budget.
  • Combine the 1% lookalike of all buyers and the lookalike of people who landed on your sales page in the last 30 days.
  • Place all your Facebook admin and small business owners into one combined ad set if you market to these types of audiences. 

Want Real Results? Contact Co Media – Facebook Marketing Agency

Yes, Facebook advertising for small business is an easy way to advertise. All it takes is a few clicks of the mouse. But are you getting the best return on your investment? 

There is only one way to find out. Contact us for a free Facebook Ads strategy session. We’re a Facebook Marketing Agency that doesn’t just talk the talk, we walk the walk. Speak with one of our Digital Strategists who will design a custom plan to help your Facebook marketing achieve the best results for your small business today.