Besides being an excellent tool to connect with friends and family, Facebook is an advertising tool waiting to be maximised. Its features and accessibility provide a vast platform for businesses to promote their products to a bigger audience. If you’re not using Facebook to promote, here are some reasons why you should right now:

Accessible to SMBs

Small to medium businesses can benefit from using Facebook as their primary advertising platform. In the past, advertising only revolved around the tri-media—television, radio, and newspapers. Although those are practical approaches to promoting, it’s expensive and difficult to apply for.

However, as Facebook rose to prominence, it has become more than a social media platform. Nowadays, people heavily rely on its reach and ability to showcase products and services to various audiences. Overall, it’s an advertising tool that doesn’t require too much from people wanting visibility for their small to medium businesses.

Integration to Other Social Media Platforms

Publishing an advertisement doesn’t only occur on Facebook’s website. Depending on your company’s type of advertising, you can cross-post it to other social media platforms owned by Facebook, such as Instagram, Messenger, and so on. It only means that you get more reach aside from the engagements you can get from Facebook alone.

Since Facebook’s acquisition of Instagram in 2012, the popular social media platform has boosted its users to at least four billion monthly users combined—more than half of the world’s population has at least an account on the two platforms. Therefore, there are more chances for people to share their businesses, one advertisement at a time.

Affordable Advertising Fees

Budgets for starting businesses are usually steep—the more you get to save on expenses, the better. However, advertising can cost a massive amount of money. But through Facebook’s advertising packages, people get to choose their target audience, duration of advertisement posting, and how many engagements they would like to see, all for a more affordable price.

Boosting is a function on Facebook that allows users to pay for their ads to show on selected timelines for people they’re aiming for. By choosing the preferences based on customer behaviour, duration of the boost, and the number of engagements possible, small businesses can get much more on their budgets for promoting their products and services. 

Conversion Optimization

Facebook released Facebook Pixel in 2015—a tracking and optimisation tool that measures and builds audiences for advertising campaigns. It tracks user movement on a page and turns it into usable data for a custom audience.

By using a custom audience, you get to publish advertisements aimed at people who are likely to mimic the data tracked from Facebook Pixel. Therefore, when these people see the ad created and published for them, it’s expected that they’ll become leads for the business later on.

Automatic Placement

Facebook believes in “letting the machine work for you.” Through automatic placement, businesses can get the best results from Facebook’s family of apps, such as Instagram and Messenger. Machine learning ensures that your budgets are spent on the most cost-effective placement at any given time.


Facebook has forever changed how businesses promote themselves. Using their broad reach and engagement-generating techniques, they have turned into an engine for commerce. If you’re starting a business, do not hesitate to try the power of advertising on social media.

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