Facebook remains one of the most widely used social media platforms on the planet, which means it is a lucrative space for advertisers. Unfortunately, misconceptions and misunderstandings regarding Facebook advertising seem to deter business owners, CMOs, and marketing professionals from using the social media behemoth to promote their businesses.

Although Facebook’s user growth has slowed in recent months, it continues to be the most popular platform in terms of time and attention. 

Below, you will find excellent points that debunk common myths about Facebook advertising to help you utilise the power of Facebook ads properly.

Facebook Advertising for B2B Companies

You might believe this since e-commerce companies have recently used Facebook to market their latest product ranges. The truth is that Facebook can be incredibly profitable for B2B companies as well.

On Facebook, there are billions of users. There are many industry experts and business owners who are interested in what you have to offer. You have a lot of targeting choices on Facebook, and you can focus on lead generation campaigns. 

B2B advertising on Facebook frequently fails because they aren’t relevant, the calls to action aren’t clear, or the ad type isn’t appropriate for B2B. While B2C businesses have a plethora of alternatives on Facebook, B2B businesses have just as many.

Boosting a Post versus Running an Ad Campaign

It’s a frequent misperception that boosting a post produces the same effects as running a Facebook ad. However, they’re not the same thing at all.

The goal of boosted posts is to increase post interaction and impressions. Boosting a post won’t provide you with the same level of targeting as Facebook advertisements. You won’t get the same results boosting posts with the objective of generating traffic as you would with a Facebook campaign.

Facebook Following

Don’t be put off by a modest following. You don’t need thousands of page likes for your Facebook efforts to succeed. More than two billion people use Facebook monthly. Your message will very certainly reach a fraction of that amount. 

You may establish custom audiences and have Facebook show your goods or service to specific folks, regardless of whether they like your page. You may also target certain demographics or generate targeted audiences based on your current e-mail lists.

Facebook Advertising and Marketing Strategies

Many marketers use Facebook advertising for retargeting, but when you consider all aspects of the marketing funnel, campaigns on Facebook can also be used for upper-funnel techniques.

Retargeting isn’t your sole choice for Facebook in this scenario. 

Brand recognition can be achieved using Facebook campaigns if you focus your content on promoting the brand and treat the ad like an organic post.

Behaviour of Facebook Users towards Ads

You’re missing out on amazing leads if you’ve ever been turned off by the thought of people disliking your Facebook advertising. People do not want to view advertisements that are irrelevant to them or ads that seem unnatural or pushy. 

For this reason, Facebook has a clever algorithm that targets users based on relevant content. The more people who click on the ad, the more relevant it is to Facebook. The more relevant an advertisement is, the more people will see it and love it because it is tailored to them.


The cleared misconceptions above just scratch the surface of widespread misunderstandings. That is why a thorough study is required before concluding that Facebook advertising is really ineffective for businesses. Consult with a reputable digital marketing company on how your brand will fair on Facebook. 

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