Search Engine Optimisation or SEO is a proven website optimisation strategy that brings more traffic. Professional SEO services can improve your search rankings through better content, user experience, and forward-thinking site engineering.

But along the way, many strategists will feed you their ideas in the name of “more effective website strategies”—are unproven claims that many up-to-date digital marketing insiders have debunked through experience and thorough SEO work.

Don’t believe the hype, and ask the more experienced web experts instead. Here’s some valuable advice that can help you more than untested hearsay strategies.

Mythbusting Unreliable SEO Claims

Tweaking Your Information on Google My Business

The first among dubious ranking techniques is that entering your service area on GMB helps get higher search rankings. While it helps Google recognise your business location and territory, that’s where it stops.  

Google stated that it ranks your search strings for “relevance, distance, and prominence.” Your 

details only make it easier to find you, but it isn’t the main deciding factor. The priorities should lie in more relevant local SEO keywords.

The second is overloading your GMB description with keywords to get higher search rankings. Google never uses this section for indexing, so it is a waste of time. Your GMB description might end up looking like a cluttered online signboard.

The best way to approach this section is to use good sales copywriting for conversion. This section is for your audience. Customers should get a better idea of who you are through a call-to-action strategy.

Adding Your Call Tracking Number Lowers Rankings

There are no proven after-effects when your contact information is in your GMB listing. When customers call your number, it is tracked in your call history for convenience to help you engage and reply to their inquiries. It’s the only separate and unrelated function of a call tracking number and doesn’t figure into search rankings.

Google Listings are Slow

Many people in local SEO circles are convinced that their business listing can take a few months. So they underestimate its importance. Be aware that it usually takes 20 minutes or, at most, four days. Once your business is verified, Google will process your listing quickly.

To make this section even more effective, detail your business address accurately and update your description with correct data. Rankings will work from the ground up. Your business search rankings can improve as you earn more positive reviews and impressions and your local rank will also get higher with more relevant search terms and increased engagement.

Paid Google Ads Can Help Ranking

Just like all other ads online, Google Ads can’t directly increase your search rankings. GA only helps you get better front seats to present your ads. They help you appear higher on the search engine results page, but that’s not the be-all-end-all of it.

Paid ads work because your ads are visible to the demographic they best belong to. And Google uses a quality score to measure your ad content. So the construction of your ad and its effectiveness are still the main reasons it might work.

Final Thoughts

From these debunked claims, it’s clear many strategists don’t go deeper into the complicated points of SEO and ranking. You have to test, check results, and constantly update your strategies on changes to know which ones work.

Co Media knows why these claims won’t work and why our strategies do. The proof is in our professional SEO services. Call us, and we’ll show you better ways and strategies.