So you posted an ad campaign in Google Ads and see no impressions or clicks. The ad may not even be showing up! Now what? 

Don’t freak out! The failing ads can be a few of the many reasons Google shows you when your ads fail to show. It’s not scary at all, though. Google will walk you through a diagnosis process to ensure you know why your ad isn’t showing. You should have no problems figuring out why your PPC ads aren’t appearing!

In this blog, we’re going to explore common issues when it comes to Google Ads not showing, alongside fixes.

The Google Ads aren’t appearing because you’re not bidding enough.

This one is rather straightforward: when keyword bids are too low, especially compared to the bids of the competition, that’s likely a reason for Google ads not to appear.

Fix it: Google Ads accounts have a section dedicated to keywords. At that state, you can use bid simulators to get a clear estimate as to how increasing your bids will create an impact, at different amounts. Afterwards, you will be able to increase bids according to the estimated first-page bid so that an increase in impressions will come through.

The Google Ads aren’t appearing because the search volume is little to none.

A status that says “low search volume” means that there’s a rather niche, long-tail or specific keyword that’s hardly used by other searchers.

While these sorts of keywords can help you generate traffic from highly motivated searchers, you might not be showing your ads if Google thinks these keywords are too specific to drive enough traffic for your business. To help prevent this from happening, remember that Google is still learning how your website performs when it’s targeted by different types of searches.

Fix it: Check the Status section in your Keyword tab to see if a keyword has little or no search volume. If a keyword has low search volume, clicking on ‘see more’ will provide full details as to whether or not the ad is shown, alongside any issues.

The Google Ads aren’t appearing because the daily budget has been surpassed.

Ad spend can run out fast, dependent wholly on the way the budget is set up in the first place. A lot of advertisers tend to set up for quick delivery. At that point, the daily budget will appear as limited. Having a status of “limited by budget” will lead an ad to not show depending on keyword CPC compared to the overall budget set.

Fix it: Reassess and get the budget in order, then adjust settings accordingly.

The Google Ads aren’t appearing because the campaign is on pause.

When an ad group or campaign is paused, the ads in them will not show. If an ad group or campaign finishes before its start date, it may be paused by default. Alternatively, you can pause your campaign at any time.

Fix it: In order to view all changes made to your Google Ads account, go to “Change History.” To filter by status, select the “Status” option and switch all campaigns from paused to enabled. Make sure that you set the view to “All but removed” or “All” so that the full list of campaigns is on display. That way, paused campaigns will no longer be hidden.


Google Ads are an important part of any marketing strategy. When they don’t appear, it could be for any number of reasons that the diagnosis process will likely catch. Common reasons include the campaign being on pause and the daily budget being surpassed.

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