Yes, you can enhance your search engine optimisation (SEO) by raising your domain authority (DA). Domain Authority measures how well your website is expected to rank in search engine results. 

Establishing strong backlinks and having a higher DA doesn’t affect your ranking on Google. However, a high DA is tied to higher ranks and surpassing your competition. Expect your website to be more trusted if your competitor’s website has a lower DA. While you don’t have to try to obtain the highest DA, outperforming your competitors gives you the advantage you need.

Here are effective methods to get a higher DA over your competitors:

Method #1: Opt for Simple Setups

Your website must be correctly set up for the internet before you begin a link-building campaign to increase your DA. For optimum user experience, websites must load in 3 seconds or less. At the same time, make it responsive and mobile-friendly to not only expand its accessibility but also increase the relevancy of your site in search results. With efficiency, you rank higher because of the pleasant user experience. 

Method #2: Assess the Competition

Determine your current DA, as well as the DA of the competition, and do better. You can accomplish this by using an SEO tool that measures website DA. Once you have this information on your primary rival’s domains, you can strategise how to get a higher authority score. If your DA is higher, this indicates that you are on the correct path and that you should maintain your ranking or further enhance your domain authority.

Method #3: Produce Excellent Material

An essential to gaining DA boils down to rich and excellent content. For this, you must find the middle ground between your company’s services and what your clients need. With ample research, you will determine the keywords for your business’ SEO rankings. Then, you can create blog entries, produce films, post infographics, and establish a robust online presence. 

In generating content, focus on information that provides solutions to often asked questions. For articles, divide them into 3-4 sentences per paragraph, arrange a list of facts using bullet points, and incorporate structure with headers and subheadings. To entertain your readers, include photos and videos in your article. Through appealing and internet-friendly content, your SEO will improve.

Method #4: Hone Your Guest Posting Skills 

Beyond organic traffic and high-quality content, you must also actively generate backlinks and increase traffic by publishing guest posts. This means you post on another website and provide content that benefits your target audience.

Here, you may include links to your blog material in your guest posts. This means that you’ll be allowed to link to your website under the author headline area on the publishing site. The links you obtain resulting from your active and engaging involvement with your target audience are vital to your DA.

Method #5: Seek Links from Other Websites

Using an SEO tool, find out which websites are connected or linked to your competitor. This way, you can attract clients with suitable topics and regularly invite customers to read and share your new content to boost your website’s link popularity. At the same time, use a contest research tool to monitor brand references on the internet that don’t relate to your domain names.

Connecting with potential customers via email and requesting that they link to your blog article is a great way to generate a lot of favourable replies and boost your backlink profile. Moreover, disavow any connections from spammy websites if you want to maintain high domain authority.


Increase your customers, as well as the amount of website traffic, leads, and purchases. Avoid missing out on quality visitors with a high SEO ranking and a high DA. Surpass your competitor’s performance with planning and arduous effort, which are required for a successful and optimised website.

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