You’re bound to have high expectations no matter what strategy you’re working on or applying. But sometimes, despite your best efforts, you don’t get the results you’re hoping for. While that’s understandable and acceptable, the most important thing you can do when your ads don’t perform the way you expect them to is to investigate why. 

The issue might be technical, internal, and so on. To ensure that you eventually find success, you must get to the root of the problem. Today, we will discuss a few reasons why your Google ads aren’t showing.

Here’s what you need to know:

Your Bids are Too High or Too Low

According to Google, you should set a maximum bid within the recommended range. That’s more of a guideline than a requirement, though, because you’re free to adjust your bids at any time. As a rule of thumb, though, you should adjust your maximum bid according to your performance history and the expected traffic your ads will bring in.

If you’ve been running ads for a while and you’re only getting a few clicks or impressions, you’ll want to lower your bids. You could also plan on increasing your budget and spending more money on your ads. However, if your ads are performing well, you’ll want to keep the bids where they are.

You’re Missing Keyword Phrases

Your ads are only shown to people searching for the keyword phrases you select. Sometimes, though, you may be missing out on potential customers because you’re not targeting the right keywords. 

You can avoid this by targeting keywords that are more relevant to your business and are used more frequently by people who may be interested in your product or service.

Your Ad was Paused, Removed, or Disapproved

If you’ve been running ads for a while, but now you’re noticing that your ads aren’t showing anywhere, the first thing you should do is check whether you’ve been paused, removed, or disapproved. 

There are several reasons why your account could be paused. You could have run out of the budget without knowing it, or you could have violated Google’s policies. If your ads were removed, that could be because your ads violated Google’s policies, or you could have run out of budget.

Having your ad removed is a serious problem, but it can be easy to fix. When your ads have been paused or removed, you’ll need to fix the issue that caused the punishment before you can get your account back and resume running ads.

You’re Not Targeting the Right Audience

Like we said earlier, the best way to increase your ROI is to target the right people. And while it’s true that you can’t choose who will see your ads, you can still give your ads a better chance of being seen by targeting the right audience. 

While you may be targeting people with a high search volume, you might also want to consider targeting people with a higher income, higher education levels, and so on.

It’s also important that you aren’t targeting too similar people to your customer base. If you’re in a very niche market, you should look for someone that isn’t too similar to your customer base. You could also use your campaign’s demographics and interests section to target people by their interests, behaviours, and demographics.

The Bottom Line

Figuring out why your ads aren’t showing is not always easy. Sometimes, even when you’re doing everything right and targeting the right people, you won’t see any results. Still, when you figure out why your ads aren’t showing, you can troubleshoot the issue and get back on the right path.

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