Whenever you try something new, there’s always a chance to make mistakes. For instance, trying out Google Ads for your business without being careful might be beneficial but unnecessarily costly.

Make your digital marketing campaign a success by doing it right the first time. Here are some common mistakes in Google Ads campaigns, and what you can do instead.

1. Depending on Automation Too Much

Technology offers a lot of ease to business operations, particularly in automating processes. With Google Ads, you can try automated bidding systems that can let the algorithm run loose and handle everything on your behalf.

However, as much as automation offers excellent solutions, setting yourself apart from your competitors requires a deeper approach than that. Google’s algorithm still needs valuable data before it can unleash its efficiency.

Try things out yourself for a while and let Google’s bots get to know you and your customer better. Eventually, you can try out automated strategies, but you should begin with manual bidding first.

2. Failing to Add Ad Extensions

Google Ad Extensions are a way for your ads to stand out against competitors. The extra information will help you deliver more to your target audience. For instance, ad extensions can include valuable website links, telephone numbers, and user reviews.

3. Depending On Only One Ad per Ad Group

One decision that you might regret in the future is having a single ad per ad group. The right choice would be to run multiple ads so you can test out what works best and what might not. Our main tip is to offer variety with three to five different ads per group. Go with different headlines and copy approaches until you find the perfect formula for the winning ad.

4. Failing to Monitor Search Terms

Search terms refer to the words people type in the Google search bar. As an advertiser, your ads must appear on search engine results pages. With this goal in mind, you should regularly examine your list of search terms so you can adjust.

5. Making Mistakes on Location Targeting

When you post campaigns via Google Ads, the default location is all across the United States. However, if you are looking towards better visibility, it would be best to change the location to the key city or state you are targeting.

Additionally, when Google Ads prompt you to tag a location based on Presence or Interest, going with Presence alone will focus the campaign on those located in that area. This choice will also avoid sending out your ads to people outside of your service area.

Final Thoughts

Google Ads can be challenging, especially if you are a beginner in digital marketing. However, you don’t have to master local SEO services on your own. You can work with an SEO services company to help you handle the challenges.

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