All businesses aim to get more leads in order to sustain their business. There are many means and tools to do this, but not everything will work out and provide them with the output they want. It is a constant game of trial and error. Some techniques may work for some, while they may not be effective for others. However, if there is something that you should not forget to add to your marketing strategy, it should be lead generation and search engine optimisation (SEO). 

Understanding Lead Generation

First, let’s know some basic terminologies and the lead generation process. Lead generation is a process of attracting potential customers to a business website. 

In lead generation, the marketers and the business owners will have a great chance to grab the attention of the targeted customers. Marketers will have to get the contact information and other relevant details of the targeted customers in this process.

Lead Generation’s Role in SEO

The primary purpose of the lead generation tool is to increase the business website’s traffic. That is why the lead generation tool needs SEO to rank the website and attract potential customers.

SEO is the best way to get quick and quality traffic to the website, and it also ensures that the site remains sustainable. That is why SEO is the most important tactic of any business to achieve the target goal.

The lead generation tools, such as lead generation landing pages and lead boxes, have the property to resize the text so that users can easily read the texts of the websites.

Lead generation techniques serve various functions in the process of SEO.

  1. Lead generation increases the trust level of the new visitors and helps in boosting the ranking.
  2. Tools help draw the interest of the potential customer and aid in getting higher conversion rates.
  3. Lead generation helps gather a large number of customer queries on the business, improves the brand value of the business, and increases the conversion rate.

Lead Generation Tools in SEO

Several tools can be used to improve the quality of lead generation. Here are some of the tools which are used in lead generation:

  1. Lead generation landing pages
  2. Lead generation forms
  3. Lead generation exit popup
  4. Lead generation popups

All of these tools can be optimised to contain vital keywords that are crucial for SEO.

How SEO Helps in Lead Generation

There are several ways in which SEO helps in lead generation.

  1. SEO helps in providing high-quality traffic to the business website. The quality of the visitors will increase the trust level, and the visitors will be interested in checking the business website.
  2. SEO helps draw the attention of potential customers to grab their attention and attract them to enter the website.
  3. SEO helps increase the brand value of the business and increases the traffic to the business website.


Most users tend to get confused about the different ways of doing lead generation. Some of them believe that it is better to invest in lead generation tools and some others believe in doing the lead generation with the help of SEO. Lead generation is a simple process of gaining the interest of visitors. The SEO toolkits help provide quality traffic to the website and get high-quality leads. It is why SEO and lead generation are best used together to achieve the target goal.

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