The eCommerce world can be a tricky scene to navigate through, especially in such a competitive market. You’ll want customers to find your shop and transact with you instead of your competitors, which is why it’s important to continuously rank on top of search engine results. For many, on-page SEO can help keep their traffic up. For those looking to grow their eCommerce businesses, however, off-page SEO is the path to undertake.

Unfortunately, off-page SEO can be rather tricky to deal with. Everything is dealt with outside of your website, meaning that you need to reach out and make your business known to other areas of the digital world—including other websites, influencer pages, and so much more. Here are some elements to keep in mind:

Investing in guest blogs

Crafting high-quality guest blogs can help you improve your off-page SEO campaigns, especially since you can effectively reach new audiences. However, it’s important to understand that the success of your guest blog depends heavily on the type of websites your reach out to. 

Domain authority remains to be a vital part of the equation, which is why it’s important to only reach out to sites with established authoritative voices. Doing so ensures that your content reaches new people—and that it can effectively do so. Even the most well-written content won’t get any websites without the right audience!

Reaching out to influencers

If your eCommerce website relies on social media to help boost marketing efforts, reaching out to influencers can help further their reach. You’ll need to curate your social media content carefully, ensuring that they remain relevant and original across their platforms. They also need to be featured in the press and other websites, as this will help you move on towards the next step—reaching out to influencers. 

These people likely have massive followings, which is why it’s important to work closely with them to gain better brand awareness. They also have high domain authority, especially if they get thousands of likes in a single post. Once you have a trusted influencer on board, your prospective customers will follow. 

Sending out newsletters

Newsletters remain to be one of the most convenient ways to increase your off-page SEO tactics, especially when you’re running an eCommerce business. Through newsletters, you’ll be able to engage and interact with audiences, especially when it comes to creating new content, hosting events, or even launching new products. 

You can send out newsletters accordingly, ensuring that they remain timely and relevant. You can also take it up a notch by designing the newsletter in eyecatching layout details, all needed to lure them into reading more—and possibly purchasing!

The Bottom Line

From everything gathered so far, we can safely say that off-page SEO techniques are non-negotiables for eCommerce websites. Although the elements listed above can be difficult to control, keep in mind that it’s one of the best ways to increase conversions and gain quality leads. More importantly, it helps you rank better—effectively keeping you ahead of the competition.

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