Have you ever seen a sponsored Facebook post and wondered what made it different from the rest of the posts in your news feed? It can be hard to tell, but oftentimes they are specifically crafted to promote a business or organisation. For example, when you see a sponsored post for your favourite organisation, the driver of those ads is usually an analytics platform such as Google Analytics.

Those ads are called Facebook ads, and they are often seen as annoying by many users. However, if you are the marketer for a certain product or service, Facebook ads should be viewed as a necessity to bring more business customers to your product or service. Today, when users visit their personal Facebook pages, they rarely click on ads. That is why Facebook paid advertising is important for bringing out products and services that people need.

Here are some of the benefits of Facebook ads that you should know.

1. The Platform Provides Useful Analytics

Facebook gives you valuable insights into the performance of an ad campaign through its reporting. There is no need to make inferences about which ads are successful and which are not. You can see this for yourself in Ad Manager, where you are provided with metrics about performance over a week, as well as an analysis of which types of posts have the best performance.

You learn what ads were well-received, what led to the engagement, and which posts drove clicks and conversions. Facebook goes further and even tells you how many sales were generated by ads on the platform.

2. You Can Target the Based Interests of Your Chosen Demographics

Targeting has long been the key to successful Facebook advertising campaigns. The platform lets you target ads to specific demographics and geographical locations.

For example, if you are selling shoes for women, you can choose to target only women who are within a certain age range and living within a specific geographical area.

You also get to select the type of your ideal customer. For example, you can choose to target people who are interested in running, weight loss, and so on.

3. You Can Reach More People with Your Organic Posts

Did you know that when you publish your posts on Facebook, you can do so for free? Yes, you read that right. It is not necessary for you to pay to have your posts go live; however, you may still create compelling posts and then promote them with paid ads.

To make this work, you should promote a post on your Facebook page after publishing it. The ads will boost the reach of your post. This will make it easier to reach more people and bring more business to your product or service.

4. Facebook Ads are Cost-Effective

Facebook ads are well-targeted, and they are also based on specific interests. This means that your money is not wasted on Facebook ads.

The platform also allows you to go with competitive advertising campaigns, where you can target consumers who are interested in your competitor’s product or service. For example, if you sell shoes, you can target users who have been browsing shoes on a certain shoe-selling page.


Marketing using Facebook ads is one of the most cost-effective strategies for reaching more people. You simply need to know how to promote your product or service, and you will find that Facebook advertising can bring you great results.

One of the best ways to start is by finding out why people clicked on your posts. Then, you can start with a simple list of leads and slowly increase it by getting more and more people to follow you.

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