Marketing on Facebook is a vital tool for businesses looking to promote their products and services to a wide audience. Although Facebook’s ranking as a social media site has declined slightly in some countries, it is still the most widely used network in the world. A recent study reports that Facebook has 2.6 billion monthly active users worldwide.

No matter what country you’re located in, you can find effective ways to leverage Facebook to generate more sales for your brand. The following are some effective ways to advertise on Facebook for business growth:

1. Video Ads

One of the most common forms of digital marketing is video advertising. To create good Facebook ads, it is crucial to use video. Videos attract more attention than advertising text does. Make your own videos in which you sell something or introduce information in a simple way.

For example, you can show a product launch or promote your business in a video. Videos can be used for many purposes. The key to success is to make sure your videos are relevant and interesting.

2. Image Ads

Image ads are the most commonly used ads on social media. For this reason, they also tend to be the entry-level option for people who are just learning how to use the Ad Manager page.

To determine whether your image is within Facebook’s parameters for image ads, go to this link, and test it. Whether it passes or fails, you can then use this information to correct any mistakes you’ve made.

Another important element of image ads is text, a technique known as copywriting, which sparks users’ interest and prompts them to click on a link and visit your landing page. Besides serving as advertisements for physical products and services, they can also be used as ads for digital products. All you need is a bit of creativity!

3. Carousel Ads

This Facebook ad format is for you if you sell several products online and want to communicate this to a potential customer. The ad allows ten individual products or services to be advertised, giving the user a comprehensive overview of what is available to purchase. The first product is shown with a large image, and the other nine products are shown in a smaller format.

The text, however, is the same for each ad. An additional benefit of carousel ads is that they can be used for all kinds of products, not just digital or physical ones, making them a much more versatile option.

4. Multimedia Presentation Ads

When creating Facebook ads that rely on multimedia presentations, you are usually limited to the images, texts, and sound that make up your video. It’s the type of Facebook ad that is formatted best on a phone or tablet. The multimedia presentation ads are specifically made to catch a user’s attention and have very little information in the text to keep the ad looking minimalistic.


Marketing on Facebook is an effective way to promote your product or service to a wide audience. The key to success is to create ads that are relevant and interesting.

Remember that the best Facebook ads are the ones that serve their purpose. If you create ads that don’t sell anything, you’re doing it totally wrong. Take the time to create ads that engage your audience and provide value for them. The more value you provide, the more sales you can trigger.

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