Want your business to stand out? Local SEO can be the upper hand that helps you reach that goal. Local SEO makes your marketing efforts more rewarding because it attracts leads from people who are specifically looking for offerings like yours. If your hard work and budget go into this effort, you are more likely to achieve a high conversion rate. 

But local SEO only works if you are doing it right. If you plan to explore local SEO, knowing the dos and don’ts can help you advance your reach. Before starting this new venture, study this list of tips and keep them in mind when localising your search engine optimisation,

1. Establish and Verify your Google My Business Page

If you have not created your Google My Business account yet, start making one. GMB is a free tool that could give your business many benefits later. It is like a directory profile on Google that would help your business appear on targeted searches. Once you input your accurate business details on this platform, it could increase your business’s chances of getting good rankings when people look up your products or services in a particular area. 

Make sure that the GMB profile of your business or company is verified. Complete all information needed and ensure that you categorise your business correctly to make it easy for the search engine to recommend your page. 

2. Make Sure That You Only Have One Listing for Every Platform

Some people forget that they already have a business listing on a particular platform and then make another with the exact details. Others would simply forget their password or do it on purpose, thinking that their page would appear more since it has more listing. The truth is that having duplicate listings is never helpful at all. In fact, it may even confuse the search engine and divide your reach. 

Check every platform you have a presence on and make sure that you only have one listing for each. Should you find an extra listing, contact the platform and have it removed as soon as possible. 

3. Get As Much Reviews As You Can

Without reviews, your online page would not seem authentic at all. Whether good or bad, reviews can be used as people’s source for first impressions of your company. If the reviews are positive, they would be more encouraged to try the products or services that you sell. Your page would encourage more clicks, calls, and other actions. That could bring a significant boost to your ranking. 

A negative review may not seem helpful, but you may attract those who appreciate how your brand handled the situation if you managed to address it well and professionally. These two are better than not having reviews at all. No interaction with anyone can make your search engine think that your business page is non-existent or invalid. 

4. Make Your Site Mobile Optimised

Many online users are now surfing the web through their mobile devices. If you want more leads like them, you should make your site responsive. A responsive website means the screen layout adapts depending on what device the user is using. 

When you make your website mobile-friendly, more online users can access your site with ease, and it would encourage more site visits. That increase in traffic would make the search engine believe that people love your page. The more visitors your page gets, the higher your chances of making more sales. 


There is more to local SEO than just these four tips, but it always helps to have something to start with. When done right, you can increase your business’s exposure in your area. Local SEO has an extensive scope and what is enumerated here are just a few of the factors you need to know.

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