Apart from the look of your business, the quality of your photos that showcase your products also plays a significant role in determining whether a customer opts for you. Remember, on the internet, there are only so many ways for someone to get a deeper look into what you offer. Pictures are one of the best ways to show your product, and ensuring they look great is vital to success!

That said, using a photo on a website isn’t so straightforward. There are many factors that can determine a photo’s effectiveness, and today, we want to share with you tips on how you can use pictures to win in e-commerce:

1. Use Plain Backgrounds

This is the most basic tip but worthy of mention. In photography, the term “background” refers to the area surrounding the subject of a photo. In the world of e-commerce, this is where your products are featured. In order to ensure these photos are bringing in conversions to your business, make sure that the background of the photo is plain, this will ensure that a customer can easily see the details of your products while avoiding unnecessary distractions.

2. Show Familiar Objects

When taking pictures of your products, try to show them within a familiar setting or environment. Doing this helps to create a sense of trust with the customer. In a sense, you’re showing them what your product will look like when they get it. With that said, make sure that you’re also corresponding with what they’re expecting to see. For example, if you’re featuring a toy, it’s best to showcase it in a child’s playroom.

3. Use Complementary Colours

When you’re showcasing the products for sale on your site, you want the colours to complement the product and not be distracting. For example, if you have a product that is featured in pink, it’s best if the background, lighting, and colours are also pink. This will ensure that your product is the most eye-catching part of the photo.

4. Use Different Angles

While it’s easy to just shoot whatever is in front of you, making sure that the angle of the photo is pleasing is key. For example, if you’re showcasing a shirt, do you want to shoot it up close or zoom out and show the entire outfit? The choice is yours, but make sure that it’s the choice that’s most visually appealing.

5. Include Your Logo

While some customers will be familiar with your logo, it’s unlikely that every one of your customers will be. This is why including your logo in your photos can be a good idea. This way, a customer will know that it’s your product and will be more willing to buy!


Ensuring that your products are showcased in the best way possible is vital if you want to be successful on e-commerce platforms. While this may seem basic, it’s easy to get lost in the process and forget what’s most important. As we mentioned earlier, the look of your website will play a big role in whether or not you get repeat business. With that said, we hope the above tips will help you to be more successful!

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