Since its launch, Facebook has been one of the leading social media platforms in terms of monthly active users. Roughly two billion people use it to socialise with people worldwide. Due to its reach, the website has an untapped potential to become an excellent tool for businesses to market their products online.

However, most companies and organisations are yet to discover Facebook’s potential to tap customers—even the platform’s potential to increase their return on investment tenfold. But advertising on Facebook isn’t a walk in the park either. It’s not a magic tool where you feed it with money, and it gives you your money back, plus more. Here are some ways to fully utilise Facebook to advertise your business.

Determine Your Goals

Campaigns are highly dependent on the goals businesses want to achieve. Listing down a few goals can make advertising a bit easier. However, remember that your goals should be S.M.A.R.T.—specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. If not, likely, your campaign will only collect dust.

After listing your company’s goals, it’s also crucial to set a target number that may be used to measure your campaign’s success. But then again, your numbers should be realistic. Never assume that you’re getting tons of money in 24 hours. Of course, specify a deadline. How long should it take you and your company to achieve these goals? To get somewhere, you should know how to get there.


After identifying all your goals and needs for the business, it’s time to plan their execution. Whichever strategy you and your team will formulate should serve as your guide in accomplishing your goals. The overall plan should be flexible and bound to these goals.

Planning is vital not to lose track of your accomplishments. There will be a hundred things going on all at once during the start of a campaign, and you should be aware of all of it. Using the Ads Manager requires a strategy tailored for each movement. If you get lost along the way, it’s easy to look back on your plans to get back on track.

Identify Your Audience

Facebook accommodates various people from all walks of life. Depending on each person’s personality, they will be the perfect target for your ads or not. Therefore, using Facebook Insights allows businesses to look at possible leads who are ideal targets for ads.

Using the data generated by the website, businesses can at least see what kind of people may be interested in the brand or product from their company. By maximising the data on hand, it will be easier to target individuals who may find your ads relevant for them.

Produce Multiple Ads

Running a single ad for a campaign is a good start. However, running multiple versions of the same ad can get more attention and engagement. It’s also a great way to identify which advertising approach most people prefer.

Although the versions are distinct, the ads should have the same goals and target audience. The objective is to assess audience engagement with each ad. In the future, the data gathered by the first wave of commercials should lead the next ads on which route to take.

Test the Ad

Before an ad officially goes live, it should be tested first to make sure it is well-received by the target audience. Facebook has an option to reveal the ad to a selected group of people for testing. The process of testing an ad can be time-consuming. However, it should reward you with better impressions and higher ROIs in the end.


Facebook is an excellent platform to run ads. However, the success that comes with it doesn’t come easy. Companies work hard to get their ads across to the right audience. But the great thing about Facebook is that their rates are affordable—making it more possible even for small businesses to run calibrated ads and hope for the best.

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