Facebook is arguably the world’s most popular social media platform. More people use it than any other platform, and it is the most-visited social media app.

These are among the reasons Facebook is such a popular advertising platform. There is also a good fallback strategy in light of the limitations faced due to privacy: targeting ads based on engagement on the platform. Typically, these campaign types were less favorable compared to website traffic. But that’s no longer the case. Your trusted Melbourne marketing company tells you why and, more importantly, how you can use them to get ahead of your competitors:

Why Should You Aim for On-Platform Facebook Engagement?

User interaction with a Facebook ad or other content is a great way to gauge interest. The more clicks you get, the higher your chances are of conversion.

On-platform engagement also offers a great way to refine your targeting. The better your targeting, the more effective your ads. So, on-platform engagement is a byproduct of the engagement you get from targeting. That said, you should choose your targeting with great care.

Facebook Strategies to Try

Use Campaigns Focused on Engagement

Create a Facebook Campaign aimed at engagement. Facebook will focus your ad on getting people to your Page, and they will do this with as little as three Posts. The ads will appear on desktop, mobile web, and within Facebook’s mobile app.

One thing to note is that you will have to pay for the promoted posts, but these can be targeted by age, gender, location, interest, and education.

Retarget Visitors That Have Engaged with Your Page

To get more data on your visitors, retarget those engaged with your Page. This can be done using Custom Audiences. The campaign can be set to display across multiple Facebook sites and apps. The campaign can also be set up to display six times to the same person.

The only downside to this strategy is that you can only target people who have visited your Page. The good news is that you can keep the targeting wide open.

Expand Your Audience

Facebook also allows you to expand your target audience by using Custom Audiences. This will enable you to reach people who have never visited your site but are similar to those who have. They can also be based on browsing history across third-party sites and apps. The campaign can be set to display six times to the same person, even if it is in the same area.

Create a Facebook Lead Ad

Facebook Lead Ads allow you to get information from your website visitors and contacts, including email addresses and company info. Lead Ads are more expensive, but they capture higher-quality leads. You can use them to promote a lead magnet or signup form, incentivize, and attract visitors with a Free Giveaway.


Facebook advertising has evolved dramatically in the last three years, and there are still more features and benefits to be added. For example, Facebook is testing a new feature that allows you to tag your competitors’ Pages in ads. Facebook is also expanding Messenger and building out Audience Networks.

All these changes and the increasing competition in the market mean Facebook advertising is getting better and better. You can stay ahead of your competitors by making the most of the diverse and constantly improving, targeting options available on the platform. A reputable Facebook advertising company can help you with this.

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