Choosing the right Google Ads platform for your business, selecting the right location and bidding strategy, and fulfilling your customers’ needs through relevant keywords is an excellent place to start to optimise your platform. 

As your strategy begins to take off, it is time to take a hard look at reworking some of your ad copy. Here are some helpful tips for creating relevant and evergreen Google Ads.

1) Don’t Use Negative Keywords

Negative keywords are used to prevent your ads from showing for traffic that you do not want to engage with. This is useful in the early stages of developing a campaign, but their use creates an unnecessarily restrictive environment. 

Eliminating irrelevant traffic that you do not want to see will prevent you from targeting the audience that you do want to see. Instead, create an ad group that is as specific as possible, and use short, concise and well-written ad copy that describes exactly what your business can offer.

2) Use Conversion Tracking

Conversion tracking is used to measure data that you do not have the ability to see in analytics. This is a great way to determine the effectiveness of your keywords and what your customers are doing once they see your ad.

Targeting the right keywords is crucial, but it is imperative that you analyze your ad’s performance as well. You should study your campaign and see if you can make improvements for conversion.

3) Keep at Least 2-4 Ads Running Per Group

Keeping at least two ads running per ad group is a good way to make your ad groups as relevant as possible to the customer. It will help you to create the right tone and message for your customers.

Have at least one ad driven by a high volume of search queries and another driven by a low volume of search queries. This will help you to diversify your ad groups and create Google Ads that are more relevant to your customers.

4) Don’t Be Afraid to Use Images

Images are a great way to catch the attention of your customer. A good Google Ads ad includes a short, well-written ad with a call to action and a clear image of the product. 

Studies have shown that customers who see the image in ad copy are more likely to take an action on the ad. This is a quick and easy way to make your ad more relevant to your customers.

5) Use the Right Words

Using the right words is a great way to make your Google Ads as relevant as possible. The right words to use are the ones that you would use to describe your product or service to a friend. 

This method is successful because it is a good way to see what words actually appeal to your customers. It is possible to lead customers to your business, but it is also possible to bring them in by speaking to them in their language. Google Ads gives you the opportunity to use the words that your customers are looking for, making your ad more relevant.


Creating Google Ads that are relevant and evergreen is a good way to improve their performance. The tips mentioned above are a great way to make your ads more appealing to your customers.

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